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Take advantage of the many types of loans we offer at ProFinance FCU. We accommodate you with the loan you need at a rate you can afford. We use a credit score system with five catagories: (A+) 740- and above Excellent, (A) 739-700 Very Good, (B+) 699-662 Good,

(B) 661-584 Good, (C) 583-506 Fair, (D) 505-428 Fair.  Some loans may have an application fee and all rates are subject to change.

Use our Loan Calculator to calculate a payment you can afford.

100% Share Secured Loan
3.05% APR for 24 months -- The amount you can borrow is determined by the amount you have in shares.  Credit score not applicable.

Personal Loan
$5,000 up to a Maximum + Shares / Collateral, up to 48 months,  A+ credit score APR 7.75%, A credit score A OR 8.75%, B+ credit score APR 12.75% B credit score APR 14.75%, C credit score APR 17.75% D credit score APR 18% ceiling.

New Vehicle Loan
Includes Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV’s, ATV’s, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles and Cycles. We finance up to 100% of the purchase price. A+ credit score rate starting at a APR 3.75% for up to 72 months. (Includes current year previously titled) Eighty percent financing, credit score APR. (same year same as new).

Used Vehicle Loan
A+ credit score rate starting at APR 3.75%, 90% financing for up to 66 months on the NADA Trade In Value. (Rates & Terms on Out-Of-Book vehicles are subject to change.)

First Mortgages

Processed through CU Members Mortgage. Contact them before you buy that home. Our rates beat the competitors. 1-888-748-4967*

*Weblink is also on the home page

*Mortgage Credit Scoring Applies so the loan qualifies for sale on the Mortgage market

Home Equity Loans
We have fixed rate Home Equity loans and A Variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit Visa loan. Call for rates and terms.  (Standard Mortgage Credit Scoring Applies so that the loan may qualify for sale on the secondary market).

Member Business Loan

Each MBL loan rate is based individually.  Contact the credit union today for an application CD.


LOAN SPECIALS:  Check your newsletter or call the credit union at  219 736-5767 or Toll Free 888-313-3278. Specials are only offered for a short time.  Get yours today.

Click here to use the Loan Calculator and calculate your payment today.